What Will 2021 Look Like For KaliberX

KaliberX 2021

With Christmas and the new year fast approaching, we wanted to give you an update on what to expect from KaliberX going into the next year.

In January 2021, we will be doing our largest restock to date, on our Signature Leggings range. Bringing back all colours and sizes. Also, early in 2021, we will be looking to restock sold out sizes in the Ultra Define Jackets, along with the storm luxe Leggings, so make sure you have signed up to our newsletter for the latest updates and notifications on releases. 

Moving into the spring, we will been looking to add new products and expand on the ranges we currently stock. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some excited new colours. 

Some of the new products we are working on will take comfort to the next level. We want to bridge the gap on style and comfort because sometimes we don't all just want to look kitted out in a slick gym set, we just want comfort, easy to wear gym clothing, were you can just chuck it on and feel confident without worrying about those slightly bloated, potato feeling days, we all have. 

Additionally, we will be looking to expand our men's range, this has been something we have been looking to do for a while and we are finally gaining some traction. Oversized Jumpers, tracksuit bottoms and hats are some of the products we are currently working on.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year over this tough time and we will be excited to see you on the other side in 2021, were we can all have an amazing year.

Thanks KaliberX Team.

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  • Absolutely adore my new leggings!! Cannot wait for the restock will be ordering the whole signature range :) such an amazing brand!!!!


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